On The Go Makeup | Vegan & Cruelty Free

This was a while back but, this was my super simple, cruelty-free, go-to makeup for a bit. 
I've changed a few products since then but, the step by step is somewhat similar. The video is in my Spanish Channel and easy to follow along.

Really sad that ATHR Beauty is no longer in business; their eyeshadows were excellent and everything they stood for, is what I look for in brands. I still have hope they'll be back at some point!

I've included photos of the new products I'm using + I look a bit different now because, I have short straight hair so, I've changed a few things when doing my makeup. Still, I feel like this look is timeless and can be re-created easily with whatever you have at hand.
As always, the focus is to use Cruelty-Free/Vegan products, and I've listed everything here. 

To be a mini, this has lasted me quite a while. I also like that it has a mirror. 

Just recently started using the HAUS LABS Triclone Concealer in "Light Medium Golden" and I might pickup a slightly darker shade for the summer because, I'm liking this concealer a lot. 

As for the ILIA Fullest Volumizing Mascara, I like it for an everyday simple look but it's not my favorite so, I will probably switch that out once I finish it. 

It's not a bad mascara, I just want something else at the moment.

These shadows are really good! I especially like the Jessica Haze collab with MOB Beauty (shown here: M109 M110 M114 and cake liner M116) because, it's the more "goth" option but, if you like other styles, they have options for everyone. 

These are cream shadows so, they do crease. I recommend to set them with a translucent powder to help them last. I personally don't mind an "imperfect look" so these work well for me. 

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